Die Studenten der Akademie für Kunst und Design in Arnhem entwickelten zu dem Thema Toile de luxe eine Kollektion unter folgendem Leitgedanken: „A toile is a garment in development, a prototype. A Toile-de-Luxe is a luxurious toile that matches the quality of a finished piece of clothing, but leaves room for change and experiment. Toile-de-Luxe is about construction, about draping, about development, about trying things out and throwing it all away, about what the hell luxury is. Toile-de-Luxe goes far beyond the world of fashion.” Hier zeige ich euch nun die Kollektion von Lotte van Schijndel.

Toile de luxe by Lotte van Schijndel (1)

Toile de luxe by Lotte van Schijndel (2)All photos protected by copyright